To those, that don’t know us yet, let me introduce ourselves to you:


My name is Smaranda. My heart’s desire has always been to bring people closer to Jesus because I know what a gift it is to live with Him.

I have never been the kind of person that can approach strangers and tell them about Jesus and evangelize them. I love people but I am somewhat of a private person and I’d rather share about myself when I am asked.


One evening I attended a meeting where the preacher shared that his calling on earth was to bring people away from the broad path that leads into the abyss onto the narrow path of the Lord that leads to heaven.

In my heart I was thinking, “Yes that is exactly what I want. But I am not the evangelist nor am I a preacher …“

Right then God spoke to my heart and said to me, that I would be able to do exactly that through music. I saw the path and many people. Then I saw a big hand that came out of heaven and pulled them out one by one and set them on the narrow path. “This will happen through your music and worship!”


WOW!!! These are awesome words!! That which I love to do with all my heart and what is part of my life God will use! He will use the things He has placed in me and I can simply be myself.


Now I stand here with a piece of bread in my hand and pass on what I have to people that are hungry.



Roman, my beloved husband, not only shares his life and our two children with me, but also his passion for worship and music.

He is not only a remarkable drummer but has also been gifted with a sharp ear and a lot of creativity. He has invested numerous hours and his entire lifeblood into our CD project. Now after 2 years he has been able to launch our CD.

Our greatest desire is to bring people closer to God with our songs. He extended His hand to us people and wants to be close to our hearts.

We would like to make room for Him and His work and speaking so that every listener can encounter Him and experience His overwhelming love through whatever means.

Ich will dich preisen, Herr, mein Gott, von ganzem Herzen, und deinem Namen Ehre erweisen auf ewig.
I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever.
Ps 86,12